Madroño Certified as Green Infrastructure Contractor

GI elements have transformed municipal projects, but can they make the leap to the private sector?

Urban Watershed Stewardship Grant Cycle Begins

SFPUC offers grants for Green Infrastructure projects of up to $100,000.

Summer Pruning

How to prune your fruit trees for health and vigor.

Front Yard Ambassadors Program

City-funded program subsidizes Sunset homeowners to remove concrete and add plants to their front yards.

Middles of Nowhere: Dry Lakes of the Mojave

A current exhibit in Los Angeles looks at dry lakes in the desert, those landscape dead-ends where drainage stops and goes no further.

Seminar on Natives at San Mateo Arboretum

Madrono president Coffey speaks on the beauty and benefit of native plants in a drought-prone landscape.

Kill Your Lawn, Get Paid

California pays homeowners to convert lawns into drought-tolerant landscapes

Santa Clara Valley Ups the Ante on Lawn Conversions

The Santa Clara Valley Water District pays $2 per square foot of water-guzzling landscapes converted to drought-tolerant alternatives.

CaliforniaFIRST Launches in San Francisco

Energy-saving financing program leads the way to a sustainable future.

Seminar on Vertical Gardens at the Going Native Garden Tour

Madroño president Coffey to act as docent and speak on modern green walls

Modern Landscape Design/Build in San Francisco

Madroño is a licensed landscape design/build firm in San Francisco specializing in California native plants and modern materials. 

swapS.gifModern Landscape Design
We bring a new vision to every project, seeking novel design answers to old garden problems.  Our clients break free from cliché with vertical landscapes, stormwater capture and reuse programs, architectural fences and decks, low-voltage LED lighting, high-density urban edibles, native low-water sedges and meadowgrasses as alternative lawns, and other good ideas from our drafting table.
Member, ASLA.

Licensed Landscape Contractor
We use quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and locally appropriate native plants to build beautiful and sustainable landscapes with Bay Area identity. 
California C27 lic. 980160.
Member, CLCA.