Licensed Landscape Contractor

Urban kitchen garden vertical landscape for North Beach condominium in San Francisco400-lupine-deck.jpgPermeable pavers allow water to drain through joints backfilled with sandWe weave native plants and fine materials through a modern lens, putting color, texture, and aroma into the built landscape. Our clients enjoy peaceful outdoor spaces in natural harmony (birds and butterflies love our work too). Madroño holds California C27 license no. 980160.  

Modern Design
We favor the sleek line and the uncluttered field. Green walls and roofs, artisan stonemasonry, hand carpentry, low-voltage lighting systems, and architectural waterfalls count among our favorite design elements. See more photos on our portfolio pages.

California Native Plants
A wide palette of choice native species offers enormous variety and selection. Our projects can be seen as contemporary forms of restoration, rejoining gardens to the watershed one property at a time.

Fences, Decks, Patios & More
The pleasures of a native plant garden are much enhanced by the quality of its hardscaping. We design and build all manner of modern garden structures.

Attract Wildlife
Birds and bees and butterflies evolved in tandem with specific native plants. Leverage this history to attract beneficial wildlife onto your property.

Vertical Planting
Who says gardens need to grow in the ground? Try one of our living green walls, a custom specialty for discerning clients in steep or otherwise challenging urban conditions.

Water Conservation
You can capture winter stormwater runoff and store it for summer irrigation, to run fountains, fill reflecting pools, and supply waterfalls.

Erosion Control
Protect waterfront property by planting native coastal strand and dune plants; save embankments with native groundcovers adapted to steep terrain.

Green & Sustainable
We deepen your connection to the living earth and help you bolster natural communities in your neighborhood. Together we strengthen our mutual commitment to the future.