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A Word on Modern Fences

Modern Fence in San Francisco
Urban living means density, and for city back yards that means fencing: we need clean lines of agreement on where my property ends and yours begins.

But so many existing fences in the city are ugly, common, built on the cheap, installed by rote with no insight, like mere place-holders.  We swoon at the magnitude of lost opportunities.  If well designed, the fence can strive for art even as it performs its necessary, divisive duties.  The key to the sublime lies in transparency to sunlight.


songwood-shorter.jpgThis high-tech lumber from Boulder(CO)-based Engineered Timber Resources is manufactured from 100% reclaimed and recycled Poplar wood veneer sourced as waste from the furniture and pulp industries. 

The reclaimed fibers are cleaned and sorted by color, then kiln-dried, layered to resemble the texture of real wood, mixed with a low-VOC resin, compressed under 1800 tons of pressure, and finally cured with slow heat.  

The resulting log is not only durable and hard-wearing, but also extremely stable. And its appearance can be customized based on the raw material inputs and the desired outcome; the product can be infused with organic dyes and colorants before compression, for a solid-body integral color that is therefore sandable.

Songwood can be milled into any shape and used for any of the traditional interior or exterior applications of regular wood.

In addition to Songwood, the company produces other modern reclaimed wood products including BURL (designed with a marbleized texture), Mulberry (compressed mulberry branches sourced as waste from the silk industry), and many varieties of compressed bamboo fiber (in colors and textures both natural and dyed to resemble exotic species).

A round of applause, if you please, for ETR and other manufacturers who divert waste from the landfills to create attractive and long-lasting building materials.