Stormwater Infiltration Sidewalk Planters

sidewalk infiltration planters, longThese sidewalk trees fronting a big-box store in El Cerrito may appear ordinary, but they warrant a closer look.

sidewalk infiltration planters, medium Each concrete planter box is outfitted with multiple intake gutters to capture stormwater.

sidewalk infiltration planters, closeRunoff from the street flows down these narrow gutters and into the planters.

Good native plants for stormwater infiltration planters Hardy California native plants like Mimulus (monkeyflower), Calamagrostis (reedgrass), Juncus (wild rush) and Danthonia (oatgrass) love to be saturated with water in winter, then go bone dry in summer .

Sidewalk side of the stormwater infiltration planterCuts on this side of the box capture rain runoff from the sidewalk.

Overflow drain, an important element of the stormwater infiltration planterNote the raised overflow drain (white PVC pipe with green plastic screen) inside the box, to prevent flooding back onto the sidewalk in extreme weather.

long perspective of the stormwater-capturing system Rain goes back into the earth, not into the sewer systems. The overall effect is water-wise, beautiful, modern, and forward-thinking.

roll the creditsA proud planet-friendly allé.

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